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Our Specialties



Specialty responsible for restoring, in a fixed way, the aesthetics and masticatory function where there was tooth loss, with the use of implants.


General Dentistry

Area responsible for restoring the compromised tooth structure, whether due to caries, trauma (fractures), discolorations or shape.


Mechanized Endodontics

Specialty responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp (the innermost part of the tooth) and adjacent tissues.



Specialty responsible for the study, prevention and correction of malposition and/or development of teeth and jaws.


Aesthetic Rehabilitation

It is the interaction between different specialties with the aim of providing a smile with the best possible aesthetic result.


Fixed and Removable Prosthesis

Area of Dentistry responsible for the aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of missing teeth through mobile or fixed devices.



Specialty responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the supporting tissues of the teeth (gum and bone).


Pediatric Dentistry

Area responsible for taking care of children's oral health. It aims to prevent and treat injuries to children's teeth to ensure healthy permanent teeth.

The Clinic

The mission of Clínica Arca D'Água is to provide a humanized treatment that meets the needs of each patient.
Our Dental Clinic is located in a commercial gallery of the Páteo Arca d'Água Condominium, and has easy access and parking.
Our team has extensive experience in the most diverse areas of Dentistry and is fully committed to providing you with a customized smile.

Entrada Clínica Arca D'Água
Clínica Dentária
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Dra Rosana Reis

Dr. Rosana Reis

Clinical Director
Dentist working mainly in the areas of Implantology and Endodontics
Degree in Dentistry from Universidade Santa Cecília - SP - Brazil (2005).
Postgraduate in Endodontics by APCD-SBC - SP - Brazil (2006).
Postgraduate in Implantology by Sindionto - SP - Brazil (2007).
Specialization in Endodontics by ABENO - SP - Brazil (2009).
Specialization in Implantology by APCD-SCS - SP - Brazil (2013).
Integrated Master's Degree in Dentistry from the Fernando Pessoa University (2016).

Dra Aline Calvete

Dr. Aline Calvete

General Dentist, working mainly in the field of Orthodontics
Degree in Dentistry from the Lutheran University of Brazil (2010).
Specialization in Orthodontics by Instituto Gaúcho de Pós-Graduação - Brazil (2013).
Postgraduate in Ceramic Laminates by IEAPOM - Brazil (2015).
Qualification in Orofacial Harmonization - Brazil (2017).
Accreditation in the Esthetic Aligner System - Porto (2020).
Integrated Master in Dentistry by the University Institute of Health Sciences of the North, CESPU (2020).

Dra Helena Romanos

Dr. Helena Romanos

Dentist working in the field of Pediatric Dentistry
Degree in Dentistry from Universidade Federal Fluminense - RJ - Brazil (2011).
Master in Pediatric Dentistry from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2013).
Specialization in Pediatric Dentistry by the Institute of Multidisciplinary Dentistry - RJ - Brazil (2017).
Integrated Master's Degree in Dentistry from the Portuguese Catholic University - Viseu (2020).

Dra Stephanie Albuquerque

Dr. Stephanie Albuquerque

General Dentist with training in Orthodontics
Graduated from the University Center of João Pessoa - PB - Brazil (2018).
Integrated Master in Dentistry from the University of Porto (2020).
Specialization in Clinical Orthodontics at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (2023).

Júlia Cavazini

Júlia Cavazini

Receptionist / Dental Assistant

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